Welcome to Middle Tennessee Dog Psychology!
Middle Tennessee Dog Psychology uses innovative methods to help Nashville area dog owners live in harmony with their dogs. Dog behaviorists Cory Clackler and Brian Ferguson use their knowledge of natural canine behavior to bring understanding and balance to owners and their dogs.

Brian and Cory's approach hangs on a single truth - there is no such thing as a 'bad' dog. Almost all behavioral problems can be traced back to situations where the dog's most basic needs as a species are not being met. This can be something from the animal's past, or some sort of disconnect in the current relationship. In either case, interactive guidance from these experienced behaviorists help owners understand the dog's psychology and learn specific techniques for getting desired behaviors.

Years of experience with a wide variety of dog breeds as owners, trainers and rescuers gives Cory and Brian unique insights into what makes your beloved dog tick. Every owner can become the Pack Leader in their home, and in this role fulfill their dog’s natural needs, and in return fulfill their own dreams for a rewarding life with their dog.